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We love photographing weddings… it’s kind of our thing!

Whilst every single wedding is different, some things never change…
Our couples love our story telling style, share our distaste for all things posed, and relate best to authentic, timeless images that are not only beautiful, but unapologetically human.

We used to think that wedding videography was unnecessary. And with good reason too, the wedding videos that we had seen were great at capturing speeches and reliving the ceremony in its entirety, but not great at much else.

When there was a knock on our gallery door from a ‘Wedding Cinematographer’ who wanted to collaborate with us, we were polite, but sceptical. Just thirty seconds in, we knew we were seeing something truly special, something unlike any wedding video we had ever seen before. On that day, Something Blue Cinematography was born.

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Recent Stories


Vanessa & Stu

Thank you Katherine! We had such a lovely day and I must congratulate you on your team. Bec as always was beautiful and enthusiastic and Todd was truly talented and so down to earth we loved having them around. we can’t thank you enough Xxx

Monica and Dean

Monica and I would like to sincerely express our thanks for the service provided by Katherine at our wedding last Saturday at Peppers Convent. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional photographer to capture those special moments. Every guest made comment of Katherine’s conduct and easy going nature with some assuming she was actually a family friend. We both are by no means comfortable in front of a lens, but Katherine’s reassuring and relaxed demeanour instantly put us at ease.

Rae & Marc

Katherine & her team are amazing photographers, they captured all of our beautiful wedding moments just perfectly and I was beyond impressed with the quality of their work. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

Ant and Dan

THESE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Kath gave us an opportunity to rediscover ourselves as a couple. As so often with life, we knew our love and we knew our passion. But we had forgotton what that looked like. Kath was amazing at finding the joy in the simple moments of us being together in a picturesque backdrop of the beach. Too many images reflect the adonis and idealised image of what a man should look like in today’s culture, even moreso in gay culture. A chiseled torso is not love. What we need more of in society is images of love. It’s here for us all. And Kath has captured this perfectly. A subtle smirk, a loving embrace, a kind smile, a hold of a hand. Our love is captured in a moment. We will treasure this memory forever and reflect with nothing but pride and heartfelt gratitude that our love is forever reflected in stunning photography.

Marie and Luke

Big thanks to Katherine at Something Blue. Everything from the pre wedding shoot to the final wedding images was top quality. The way Katherine was able to capture the beauty that we see everyday in our family and friends and put that into her photos is simply priceless. We will forever treasure our photos!