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Shan & Dennis

Wedding • May 30, 2016

Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers Capture Shan & Dennis

Shan and Dennis were married in the early hours one beautiful Sunday morning at Margan Wines in the Hunter Valley – an outstanding venue well know for its secluded and nestled location, wonderful wine, amazing food, and fantastic service.

As the sun came up over the Brokenback Ranges for the first light of the day, we arrived to capture bride and groom preparing at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley.

Afterwards we met at Margan to capture their ‘first look’. A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the very first time prior to their wedding ceremony and did some wonderful location photographs onsite at Margan and the surrounding areas of Broke Fordwich with their bridal party. This included the infamous service station/ convenience store that is well known as a biker pit stop – including a friendly bunch we managed to wrangle into some photographs!

After much exploring through the vines, shacks and fields, mid morning we headed back to Margan for their wedding ceremony that was conducted by Victoria Langham of Sweet Love Celebrants. Shan, who isn’t very emotional, was truly overcome by emotion during her vows… hopefully she isn’t embarrassed that we mentioned that! 🙂

As you will see in the photographs below, their wedding ceremony was followed by a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in the Barrel Room. A tea ceremony is a significant way of showing respect, and in relation to a wedding this act is in respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care. Tea is the symbol of purity, stability and fertility.

As their wedding ceremony turned into their wedding reception – and after a change of outfit – Shan, Dennis and their entire bridal party surprised guests with a full choreographed first dance! An awesome surprise for everyone who watched and cheered them on! An amazingly special day of fun and love was had by all.

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