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[Emma & Luke]

[30 September 2016]

Margaret River Pre-Wedding Shoot

Emma & Luke are eloping in Margaret River and invited their friend and our photographer Kath over to capture it all. Luke used to be a wedding photographer and thought he would be super relaxed and cool about the whole photo thing but when Kath caught up with them the night before, they all realised that it might be a good idea to sneak in a pre-wedding shoot in the morning to calm those unexpected nerves. And my my my was it worth it!

Margaret River has so much to explore! But before anything could happen these three coffee addicts needed to get a few shots at the White Elephant Cafe. Emma & Luke then braved the stormy ocean and walked out along the jetty which made for some amazing photos. On their way back home they stopped at one of the areas stunning forests. Then they went back to their hotel to prepare for their wedding 🙂

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