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[Kristy & Mark]

[29 October 2016]

An awesome beachside wedding

Kristy & Mark met in the UK at a swimming club and Mark was surprised when Kristy agreed to go out on a first and second date with him! Having moved back to Australia they chose to have their wedding on Newcastle’s beautiful coast. The ceremony was held at the top of King Edward park with almost gale force winds blowing tables and chairs away but neither Kristy or Mark were concerned. On our way to The Beach Hotel we explored the Merewether Ocean Baths and tunnel with the bridal party.

Many of their friends and family had travelled over from England for this special day. The boys were all wearing special socks with the Union Jack and those who couldn’t make it surprised the newly weds with a video which caused much laughter and a few tears. But the surprises continued with Kristy’s sister and friends singing a special song and the rest of the guests joining in with a flash mob at the wedding reception! There was so much love on this day and we couldn’t be happier for this super awesome pair of beach bums!

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