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Do Wedding Albums Still Matter?

Couples usually ask for help deciding whether to stump up the cash for a quality wedding album – we say yes, but it’s not a sales pitch, and here’s why:

  1. Professionally created albums are beautiful, full stop.
  2. They tell the story of your day in an elegant way that friends and family can touch and feel, even smell, like that old book or record you love.
  3. You will pick it up and really look at it, really experience it, and way more often than hundreds of photos sitting on a usb stick or in a cloud account.
  4. They last. Through global blackouts, and stuff (like in that movie with the evil people and the other thing).
  5. Albums will be passed down through the living hands of your family. Your kids, their kids, will treasure them, leave their grubby fingerprints on them, and love that fact.
  6. An album is consistent, while images look different on every screen. And as technology changes and they invent round computers and holograms that live inside your eyeball (actually that would be awesome) the album will endure.

So overall, they’re a really special, lasting way to slow down and celebrate your love. If you need to, get creative and cover the cost of your albums by crowd sourcing – why not invite guests to contribute to an album fund rather than buying a gift? (We can make that happen, just ask us how!)

As a final thought, it’s worth remembering that the printing process has always been a challenging part of the artform.

Digital cameras capture high quality images, but like film, interpreting that record faithfully as a physical thing takes a high level of skill – take advantage of your wedding photographer’s experience to select and print the images through a tried and true process.

That’s all for now from the Something Blue team – if you want to have a chat about albums shoot us a message here, and sign up for our newsletter because coming up is our article on album types and other options for great ways to print and share your wedding photography.

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