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[Beautiful Wedding Albums]

How to Create Beautiful Wedding Albums

Creating beautiful wedding albums that stand the test of time is an artform, here’s how we do it at Something Blue (but don’t bloody tell anyone, it’s a secret).

We follow three golden rules:

RULE 1: Give photos room to breath.

RULE 2: Be faithful to the story, and reader.

RULE 3: Work with trusted people and timeless (not old fashioned) approaches.

So what the hell does that mean? Read on to find out…

RULE 1: Give photos room to breath.

No one likes to feel locked in, and photos are no different.

It’s tempting to squash more in, but photos are individuals and need space, some even deserve a double spread all to themselves.

As a guide, our albums are up to 60 pages, which means 120 sides, and 100 – 150 photos.

RULE 2: Be faithful to the story, and reader.

Every love story is unique, and so is the audience it speaks to, so the golden rule is – faithfully choose an authentic, honest approach to the number of photos, pages and materials for a wedding album.

Additional pages are added at extra cost, and there are a range of materials available, but to give you an idea of the possibilities here’s the three main types we have settled on (after tonnes of experiments).

Firstly our Most Popular Wedding Album, which has a sleek black cover and silky smooth pages that are resistant to finger oils and grit. This is a timeless style, but if plain black is not your thing, we can also create a gorgeous photo cover.

Then there’s the Fine Art Wedding Album. This album is a cut above and comes with a choice of linen and leather covers, and a matte finish thick, textured paper that lends itself perfectly to things like warm sunny photos in the vineyards.

Finally we have the Lay Flat Album. The lay flat design allows your images to run seamlessly across a double page spread. You can set this album up on your mantle piece display any spread you like or a different one every week. Kinda like a framed print…but,you know, it’s an album.

RULE 3: Work with trusted people and timeless approaches

There are tonnes of ways to present an album, and plenty of people who offer to get it done. It’s important to remember that this is a highly specialised task, and well, an artform that takes years to perfect.

We’ve tested many printers, book-binders, materials and processes, and settled on partnerships with a select few professionals and reliable approaches that truly stand the test of time both stylistically and physically.

The photographs won’t fade or change colour over time and the binding won’t fall apart, and we design the albums to finesse image choice and layout with a professional eye, and oversee the printing process to guarantee the best quality.

So that’s it crew! Our three golden rules, and to be honest it’s fine with us if you tell everyone, because there’s no easy way to get it done right. It takes trial and error, effort and experience, lots of stuff ups and eventually, an artful, timeless outcome that you can rely on.


We know planning a wedding is exciting, but challenging, so get in touch if you want to have a chat about wedding albums here, and sign up to get our regular ideas about wedding photography and cinematography here.

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