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[The Pre-Wedding Shoot]

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot, Should You Bother?

Wondering whether a pre-wedding photography shoot is worth it? Lots of people ask, so here’s our answer.

YES. It makes the world of a difference to how you feel on your wedding day.

Pre-wedding shoots are so important we do them for everyone, in all situations, at no extra cost, and here’s the 3 main reasons why:

1. Your photographer shouldn’t be a wedding crasher.

It’s your WEDDING day, you don’t want strangers around.

At a pre-wedding shoot, you get to know your photographer and your photographer gets to know you.

But it’s not that simple, because photographer and subject enter a relationship of trust. There can be nerves, and you need to feel confident with them.

The pre-shoot will help you understand how your photographer works, and you’ll get to see that magic happens in between all the awkward moments.

2. Nerves (killing them)

Not only will you get to know the photographer, after you see the results, that’s right – you’ll realise that you’re actually really photogenic!

You’ll be nervous enough on the day as it is, after your pre-shoot at least you won’t be nervous about taking the photos, or the results (and your fiancé may realise the whole photo taking thing is heaps of fun, rather than a cruel form of torture).

3. They’re really bloody handy, and save time

You’ll get a whole bunch of beautiful photos of you being you, in your normal clothes, maybe at a place that you spend a lot of time at together, and that means a lot to you.

You can bring your fur babies.

You can bring your kids.

You can use the photos for your wedding invitations.

It won’t take much time out of your busy schedules – the shoot will take an hour max – and that includes time to chat about your wedding day. That’s a conversation you’ll have to have with your photographer at some point anyway.

Couples often take the chance to ask a bunch of questions they have about timings and details, the little things you might not know about (but no, we don’t know how long it will take to get your Uncle Greg to stop explaining why Fords are better than Holdens and get in the bloody photo).

YES it’s an optional bonus, you don’t HAVE to do it but we strongly recommend that you do! If you want to have a chat about pre-wedding shoots get in touch here, and while you’re at it, sign up to get our regular ideas about wedding photography, Fords, Holdens here.

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