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Something Blue Interview with Bec

Bec is one of Something Blue’s front line photographers, and she’s not just brilliant, she’s super fun and sure to make any wedding a special thing, full of special memories. We asked her to have a chat, and tell us why she loves weddings, what she thinks makes for a great wedding shoot, and about some of her favourite work and wedding memories.

SB: So Bec, tell us the answer to the most important question of all – why are you a photographer?

BEC: My story really isn’t all that exciting. I actually feel like I should fluff it up just to make it more interesting, but honestly I just used to look at other people’s photography and be absolutely blown away, and I always wondered why my photographs looked miserable in comparison, like I wanted people to look at my photographs and think “@ow she’s got skills”, hahaha! So once I had my baby girl not only did I have a bit of spare time to fiddle around with a camera, I also had the perfect practice subject.

SB: And of all the other possibilities, why do you focus on weddings? What makes them special?

BEC: Oh my gosh, when I first started out I was like I am never going to do weddings. NEVER. Like how the heck do photographers even handle that type of pressure?! Then one day I was out doing portraits and ran into a couple who were telling me about their daughter, who was a pin-up model & how she had planned this totally off key wedding & asked if I did wedding photography and I was like “Well no, it horrifies me. BUT if she has a bouquet made from candy, an Elvis celebrant & plans to smash her face into the wedding cake then this sounds EXACTLY like my type of thing” Turns out it was totally my thing and apparently it was Kath’s thing too because she lovingly took me under her wing and was like “Come, I have much to teach you…”

SB: You have shot tonnes of weddings now, and seen what it takes to make things run smoothly – what are your top three things a couple should expect from a kick ass wedding photographer?


  1. Someone that gives a shit. Even though you may have found a photographer who’s style you absolutely love, if they don’t care enough to learn a bit about you, then not only will you not be on the same page but a lot of the emotions of the day could be missed. 
  2. Someone that can make you smile, without saying “smile” because nothing is more beautiful than pure raw emotion… Oh yeah, I also love a good tear & it’s even better when I don’t have to poke you in the eyes for them!
  3. And the obvious… someone who knows what they’re doing. So if you’ve seen their work & love their style & equally love their personality then I reckon you’re onto a winner.

SB: What was your favourite wedding shoot – the one you are most proud of – and why?

BEC: I feel like I shouldn’t say, only because I have loved elements from each and every wedding I’ve been to. BUT Jess & Jordan’s DIY backyard wedding was pretty epic. I absolutely loved that they managed to inject so much of themselves into the entire wedding and that they did exactly what they wanted, not what was expected of them, so it was honest & uniquely them, creating the perfect vibe from beginning to end.

SB: We happen to know you are married – what was your wedding like – did everything go according to plan? Who was your photographer, and how did it turn out?

BEC: My wedding went perfectly to plan… My Mum’s plan. Don’t get me wrong, it was lovely but it was nothing like what I had in mind… The entire wedding was not my style, at all! My dress couldn’t have been further from what I actually wanted so I didn’t even match my husband, who by the way looked banging, so we looked like we were from two different wedding parties & even the location wasn’t where I originally planned. But I had been so caught up in trying to get my head around becoming a Mum, that our wedding kind of got put on the back burner and Mum freaked out and thankfully took control… BUT I really had to put my foot down when it came to our photographer. My Mum had already organised to use the resort photographer & I actually lost my shit. I had always known from the moment I met James Frost, that he would be the one to one day capture my wedding & he is probably the main reason that I love the wedding that wasn’t really mine because he captured so many perfect moments that I didn’t even realise were happening.

Image by James Frost Photography

SB: OK now last but not least, what are your favourite wedding memories – funniest, most touching and most elegant?

BEC: So not really a memory but it’s something I feel that needs to be mentioned… I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I get a lot of bum flashing during the groom preps. It’s almost like my signature shot now & I don’t even ask for it! So I guess I make people feel so comfortable they feel the need to moon me? But seriously now, all of my favourite wedding memories come at the end of the night. I know there’s a trillion awesome moments from fake coke snorting to helicopter rides and teary grooms that make me cry, but the reason I love the end is because there is always so much love and gratitude & that’s where I get the biggest most loving hugs from the bride & groom (& sometimes even random guests) but it really hits home & reminds me why I loved being a part of their wedding day xx 

There you go, what an all round awesome person! You can find out more about Bec here. And if you loved this, you can read more Something Blue Interviews in our online magazine here.

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