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[Bec & Matt]

Family Photo Session

Bec noticed Matt had pulled a big chunk of change from their account, and thought wow:

1. He’s bought us a puppy!
2. He has a gambling problem!
3. He’s bought an ENGAGEMENT RING!!!!!

She didn’t know how to ask, but didn’t have long to wait. The truth came out on a road trip a few weeks later when they stopped at the Twelve Apostles.

Standing on the viewing platform, checking out the stunning view, Matt started acting weird and nervous. Stumbling over his words, fumbling around in his pockets before…

He proposed! He had it all planned, and this was to be the perfect moment. He’d ask Bec to marry him, and pull out the ring and… he’d forgotten the ring in the car.

Long story short, she said yes…and (eventually) they ended up in the Watagans Ranges, roasting marshmallows in the forest with Something Blue. YAY!

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