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Wedding Activism

Do it in a Dress

Last year I teamed up with a bunch of like-minded, passionate female wedding photographers from the ethical wedding collective Less Stuff – More Meaning to join the #doitinadress challenge to raise funds for the charity One Girl.

The challenge is to do something like going to work or for a surf wearing a school dress. For us, going to work means shooting weddings! So we wore our school uniforms to weddings in the months of October and November 2018. In just under four weeks, Team Less Stuff – More Meaning raised almost $3000 thanks to family, friends and some super generous clients.

The super cool couples who invited my photography bestie Bec and me to wear the school dress to their weddings were Tash & Ty and Allie & Tom. Thankfully, both couples asked their celebrants to announce to guests what the heck we were doing, just to avoid people getting the wrong idea about why there were adult women running around in school uniforms! Once the guests knew, they were all eager to learn more. What a great way to raise awareness for such an important cause!

One Girl helps to educate girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone. And that’s important for a whole number of reasons, including:

  • Over 130 million girls around the world are denied an education.
  • Without an education a girl can remain stuck in the cycle of poverty.
  • A girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be a child bride than she is to finish high school.

So, this is the perfect charity for Something Blue to support. The #doitinadress challenge was just the beginning. Now, 5% of every wedding booking is donated to One Girl…fighting child marriage one wedding at a time.

My awesome boyfriend Ben joined the fun too, while Bec and I wore our school uniforms to weddings, Ben borrowed my school uniform to give a lecture at uni! Turns out, the dress fit him better than me!

It’s really easy to include social giving in a wedding and it doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun and practical. If you’re sending out thank you cards, you could choose a few from One Girl’s collection. Or, instead of thank you cards, you can donate a few dollars to a really good charity and tell your guests about it in an email. Here in another blogpost are a few ideas from weddings we’ve been lucky enough to capture.
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