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[Georgia & Kendal]

[2 September 2016]

Old friends turned lovers

Georgia and Kendal are country kids with a shared love for horses and bisons. They were friends for many many years before they finally fell in love. But when it happened, it made perfect sense to everyone around.

Their wedding ceremony was held on their friends’ property in Kearsley. It was a wet and windy day so the boys quickly improvised and pulled up a blue tarp to keep all the guests dry. Walking down a muddy aisle in her gorgeous shoes and dress did not upset Georgia one bit!

Kendal’s three daughters were the proud and beautiful bridesmaids making this day even more special for the two families involved. And of course their horses and bison were not forgotten as they all obediently posed for photos!

The wedding reception at Peterson House was one big party with everybody dancing and singing their hearts out. In short, it was an absolutely perfect rainy wedding day.


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