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Wedding Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style of photography?

When I’m not shooting weddings, I’m a documentary and portrait photographer. This really influences my style, keeping my images natural and truthful. To achieve this, I am as unobtrusive as possible and just go with the flow, while being super aware and hyper alert at all times…it’s kinda tricky. Occasionally I’ll give some thoughtful direction or suggest whispering something completely silly into your loves ear…the result will be images that are really really you.

How much are your wedding photography packages?

My packages range from $1950 – $4700, depending on your wedding and what’s important to you. You can find a pricing guide here. Need a custom package? Just ask.

Do your packages include pre-wedding shoots?

Yes! All of our packages include complementary pre-wedding shoots or engagement sessions. They take about an hour and can be done anywhere in the Newcastle area in the time from January to August, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon…because that’s when the light is best!

Pre-wedding shoots cannot be exchanged for credit or an extra hour at your wedding.

Do I really need a pre-wedding shoot?

YES! Many reasons why, here.

Will you be my photographer on the day?

Yes! I’ll be your photographer 🙂
If something terrible happens and I’m too sick to shoot (has never ever happened), I’ll send an amazing replacement your way.

Can we book a second photographer?

I often work with a bunch of really great photographers, some of which I’ve trained. Second shooters are $60 per hour.

Do you edit your own images?

Yes, I edit every single wedding photo with the love and care it deserves. My editing style is timeless. I don’t use filters or styles that will look dated by next year and I don’t outsource any editing.

When will we receive our wedding photos?

You’ll get a sneak peek of about 10 photos within a day or two after your wedding. The rest will take about 4 weeks max.

Do you supply black and white photos as well as colour ones?

Yes, you’ll receive all of your edited photos in colour as well as black & white. So you can choose which version you prefer.

How many photos will we get?

It’s really hard to say exactly how many photos you’ll get, it depends on so many things. Rest assured that I won’t withhold images that are awesome. Usually you’ll receive a minimum of 400 photos and anything up to 800+ with the top wedding photography package.

Can we print our photos?

You’ll receive all your photos as high resolution, print ready image files. So yes, you can print to your hearts content. If you would like high quality prints, you can order them through me.

Where are you located?

I’m based in Newcastle and travel to the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Mid North Coast for weddings….basically I’ll happily go anywhere within a two hour drive without charging for travel.

What if you haven't shot at our venue before?

It doesn’t really matter if I’ve shot at your venue before. I’m a professional photographer with many years of experience, thinking on my feet and dealing with unusual situations is my thing. If I have shot at your venue before, I definitely won’t take exactly the same photos I did last time…your love is unique and your photos should be too. Having said that, I will go and check out your venue before the day begins, just so I know where things are and where I want to take you for those romantic wedding photos.

We want to book you! Now what?

YAY! That’s awesome! Get in touch at

Then, the boring but important stuff begins. To secure your date a deposit of $1000 is required along with a signed wedding photography agreement.

Can we order a wedding album?

I LOVE WEDDING ALBUMS! So yes, you can order a wedding album any time. I’ll design it and you can easily proof it via an online app. More info about all the gorgeous wedding albums here.

Payment for albums is accepted any time after the wedding. A deposit of 50% of the album price is required for the design to begin, the balance is due before the album is printed.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! But only occasionally…I love being home.

What if our wedding runs longer than planned?

If your dad has ducked to the toilet right before his speech and then ends up talking for 10 million years, don’t worry! While the packages are designed to accommodate a certain amount of hours, you won’t be charged for additional time if things are only running 10 minutes late.

Having said that, it is best if additional hours are discussed prior to the wedding.

Additional hours are $300 per hour.

Do you supply the RAW files?

Would you ever go to a restaurant and order the premium steak but tell them you’d like to cook it yourself at home? The answer is no.

Any other questions?  Just get in touch.

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