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[Fiona & Pat]

Old romance, new love, wedding…

Fiona and Pat shared a teenage romance that lasted only a few weeks, but over the time that followed their deep connection remained. Then, a few years ago, everything fell into place. With the help of a friend, those glowing embers flared to life, reigniting a love that was destined to be.


After a fun and relaxed morning with best friends and the bridal party, their wedding was held at Margan Wines in the Hunter Valley on a friday afternoon. Fiona hadn’t stopped smiling all morning, and could barely contain herself as she walked down the aisle to marry her equally excited hubby-to-be.

With Jules as their celebrant, there was laughter and emotion, and plenty of fun – especially when the rings were lost temporarily, after being dropped in the grass.

After a super quick photo session in the luscious green vineyards, Fiona and Pat joined guests for drinks and canapés, and eventually began the formalities of the night, which included a surprise travel voucher to North Korea for the newly-weds (we’re still not sure whether that was a joke)!

The couple’s first dance kicked off the party, and we are sure that the dancing continued all night long.

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