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[Golden Anniversary]

The 50th Wedding Anniversary

Our awesome wedding photographer, Kath, just got to experience something really special:  her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! 

50 YEARS!!!

There’s really only one thing more touching than a wedding, and that is a happy marriage – so what’s their story?

Trev (AKA “Trevoir”) and Sue were married in 1967 in Adelaide, and Sue’s three sisters were her bridesmaids. Check out those hairstyles: how awesome do they look!?

Trev’s best mates were the groomsmen and… well at least they all still had hair back then!

They celebrated the anniversary at an Italian place in their old neighbourhood in Adelaide, and the whole bridal party was there apart from the best man Ian, who sadly, passed away many years ago. His wife Ruth was there to stand in for him in a remake of the original photo.

So what does Kath think of the original wedding photo shoot, and albums?

She said “I have always loved my parents’ wedding album, it’s one of our most valuable possessions. It has survived 50 years and multiple moves to different countries”.

“My parents have moved a lot, they lived in England, Germany and Australia, and never hung on to things that weren’t useful, but the boxes of photos always made it across every ocean”.


Kath said that people have always treasured the albums, which surprised her.

She said, “I thought that maybe it was just me who loved these old photos so much, but it was great to see everyone else pouring over the photographs too!”

This would prove life changing for Kath, who said “I guess this appreciation for the value of a photograph is really what made me want to be a photographer!”

So there you go – maybe your wedding album and photos will change your kids lives. No matter what, they will be treasured, and fingers crossed, be with you for the next fifty years, or more.

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